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    Would You Be My November

    Would you be my november?
    Tell everything that i you
    Would you be my love
    And lay down next to you always

    My velvet girl..come to me
    My time starts out to be memories of you
    My geeky girl…feel my humid dream
    There’s so many many time being wasted and i love you

    Would you be my november?
    We’re not gonna be the same like we were
    Would you be my november?my love
    Take my vow and you’ll be mine

    Cipt : Ridho Mr sonjaya

    — 6 days ago
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    Katy Perry - Birthday (Official)


    — 1 week ago



    Playful urban design. A Baltimore bus stop that doubles as a giant typographic sculpture.

    So now we know. The coolest bus stop in the world is in Baltimore. 

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